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Workplace Insights Pilot

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The Pilot 

LBG have today announced a Workplace Insights pilot in an effort to better understand how their teams are working and feeling through the use of colleague data. 

Workplace Insights will bring together various colleague data such as colleague surveys, card swipes, workday and Microsoft Viva Advanced Insights. 

The pilot is due to commence on the - 28th February 2024 and will involve two business areas - People & Places and Chief Data & Analytics Office.

Unite view

We expressed concerns around the confidentiality of colleague data and data control/line of sight and we are pleased that this information will only be sourced at an aggregated team level with checks and balances in place to ensure data is completely anonymised.

In addition to this all LBG workers in the pilot areas have the right to opt out of having their data used as part of workplace insights - this is entirely your choice - we have also expressed that the opt out should also be extended to all LBG workers, should the pilot be rolled out further. 

Whilst we appreciate that this tool is being used to help understand and improve how teams perform and work together, we have urged the bank to place greater emphasis during this pilot on how they can meaningful and tangible improve the wellbeing of workers. It’s one thing to decrease a particular method of work or cutting out unnecessary meetings but if that time is replaced with just additional work tasks, then this will not necessarily improve the wellbeing of workers. Unite will be ensuring worker wellbeing is given as much attention and prominence during and post pilot.

We are also acutely aware that when data, performance and ways of working are mentioned it brings back memories of out of date performance management techniques, techniques we have worked hard to move away from. To be clear, Unite will be vigilant throughout to ensure these techniques and LBG worker data is not used to micromanage workers. 

If anyone has any concerns with Workplace Insights then please get in touch via the details below. 

Need help or support? Contact Unite the Union today!

0808 144 9595




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