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Get Involved

Unite is the union for the 21st century, meeting the greatest challenges facing working people today. 1.4 million people are members of Unite, across the country and in all different types of work. Their common aim is to secure a better world for each other. 

Being involved in a union is not just filling in a vote on pay once every 12 months. Each one of us has a responsibility to tell other colleagues about the good work that the union are doing and encouraging other people to join, so that we can be even stronger. 


There are loads of ways to get involve with Unite - here are just some of them.


Activists are the backbone of Unite. It's mainly through their hard work that we protect employees' rights at work, campaign for better working practices, and support those in need of help. They're the bridge between employers and employees in workplaces and negotiate on important matters to make sure that everyone's voice is heard.

If you’d like to get more involved in your union now is the time to do it. Elections for workplace representatives and branch officers will be taking place early in the first quarter of 2022, so this is your chance to become more active in Unite. 

These roles may sound challenging, but all of our workplace representatives receive quality training in all of the areas of their responsibility. The training is a great opportunity to learn – and meet other Unite activists from across all of our different workplaces and sectors.

Unite's LearnWithUnite site has just had a big revamp. With more to offer and easier than ever to navigate, your union learning experience starts here. 

Need inspiration for your Balanced Scorecard? See what Unite have to offer that can help you in work and provide enjoyment at the same time. 

With IT, language, health awareness, and professional development courses, as well as podcasts for a more informal learning experience, you're bound to find something that you'll gain some insight from. 

The best part? Unite offer dozens of courses for free included within your membership. Some of our courses can help you outside of work with NVQ Level 2-equivalent qualifications. See our locate a rep page to speak to a learning rep about tailored learning for you. 


Unite's biggest asset is our members. Our members tell us what they want us to do and instruct our campaigns. Our members allow us to go to employers and ask for better working lives for all of us. The more members we have, the better chance we have of securing better terms and winning campaigns. 

If you recruit a member, you will receive a Love2Shop voucher after they have made 3 payments. If they are full time, this voucher is worth £25. 

You might have a personal story to tell of how the union, or a particular rep, has helped you. This will encourage other people to join so they can get the same benefits.

Members are more likely to join if someone who they associate with, maybe someone who does the same job, or has the same interests, asks them to join.

Campaigns are an ongoing part of how we win for our members. Campaigning is about trying to acheive change. This can be in your pay, your Health and Safety, your personal development or your in-work life. 

Effective campaigns bring members along with them and appeal to a lot of people, but some campaigns can be more targeted towards a much smaller audience. 

Unite also fight campaigns in the public eye for those out of work or the vulnerable in our society. 

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