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Become a rep: Get Involved
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Point of Contact

A vital role for those who want to be actively involved in helping support our work but does not have the time for the full rep role. You will;


  • Act as a point of contact for members and reps,

  • Signpost support,

  • Help gather member feedback,

  • Promote Unite and the value of joining,

  • Distribute and promote our newsletters and updates.

Workplace Rep

Workplace reps get involved in a wide variety of activities and is a great way to learn and develop skills. You can help with;

  • Supporting, advising and representing members informally and formally,

  • Problem solving, communication, negotiating skills will be a key feature of the role,

  • You will receive time off to perform your rep duties.

Health & Safety Rep

Keep all colleagues safe by;

  • Investigating potential hazards and dangerous occurrences at the workplace and examine the causes of accidents at work,

  • Investigating employee complaints relating to health, safety and welfare,

  • Conducting workplace inspections,

  • Raising issues with the employer,

  • You will receive time off to perform your rep duties

Image by Markus Winkler
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Equality Rep

Equality reps support the work of our workplace reps by specialising in equality issues. You will get involved with;

  • Understanding equality issues;

  • Developing knowledge on discrimination and the relevant legislation, policies and procedures,

  • Helping make Unite workplaces focus on Dignity at Work issues and outlaw bullying.

Learning Rep

Learning reps support members in accessing the educational services Unite offer through;

  • Raising awareness of the benefits of learning,

  • Encourages fellow workers to take up learning opportunities,

  • Provide advice and guidance on learning,

  • Secure equal opportunities in learning.

Environment Rep

Unite the Union has launched an environmental taskforce. Climate change means workplace change. We want our members to be at the forefront of that change, making the decisions alongside their employers. Ensuring everyone benefits from a greener economy, change focused on skills, education and high-quality green jobs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Become a rep: FAQ

Will being a rep impact negatively upon my career prospects?

How do you manage being a rep with a demanding work role?

What are the necessary criteria to become a rep?

Acting in a trade union representative capacity can enhance your prospects through utilising and developing your leadership skills, enhancing your knowledge around workplace legislation, policies and procedures, and building effective working relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

The role is what you make of it so there is no reason you should expect it to hold you back.

There is a position to suit everybody.


The business will provide reps with reasonable paid time during work hours to fulfil your trade union duties. If your role is one in which your workload cannot be easily covered by others then a role as a 'point of contact' might be a perfect fit.

All Unite members have the opportunity to fill a position and you will be given all the necessary training to ensure you are confident and competent in undertaking your role.

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