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We strive in every way to be:


  • A fighting back union, winning in the workplace

  • A campaigning union, making our voice heard

  • A growing union, organising for strength

  • A members' union, open and democratic

  • A progressive union, a force for a fairer society

  • A united and tolerant union, which treats people with dignity and respect.


Unite's vision is of a prosperous society in which employers and employees work together to build successful businesses and safe, healthy working environments. All those who contribute to our success receive the rewards, respect and recognition they deserve. 

Unite values a modern approach to member representation, and prides itself on being member-led. 
Decisions laid out in the Unite rule book give you, our members, the opportunity to become involved in decision-making at all levels. You can attend policy and industrial conferences, and set the course that the union will follow. 

When it comes to education and training, Unite puts its money where its mouth is. 
We are fully committed to high-quality training and resources, enabling our representatives to serve members' needs at all times. Unite trade union was the first to open residential training colleges and has two centres training thousands of members each year - all at no extra cost to Unite members.

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