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About us

The Union for Lloyds Banking Group

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Who we are

Unite in LBG is Unite the Union's presence within Lloyds Banking Group.


We are here to support you with a number of important issues, including pay, redundancy, sickness, disciplinary, and working hours.


We need to look after ourselves and each other. That can only be done collectively through a union. It is in your interest to join Unite if you are an LBG employee, contractor, or ancilliary staff working on LBG premises.


Unite have spent decades building up knowledge and relationships at LBG. We raise concerns collectively for you to enjoy a better working life, and although we hope you never do need to rely on us individually, we are there for you when you need us.


Unite will never share your information with your employer so all of your interactions with us are completely protected by GDPR, and your membership can remain confidential until you want to tell people.

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Our Impact

What has Unite done for me in Lloyds Banking Group?

Pay & Reward

  • Real living wage for all colleagues,

  • Removal of performance-related pay rises,

  • Continuation of staff mortgage rate for permanent colleagues,

  • Inclusion of annual bonus and 4% pay supplement in lieu of Flex for agency staff.

  • Cost of living payments.

  • Industry-leading pay deals.

Working Life

  • Removal of performance ratings, with more focus on good conversations with your manager, and clearer expectations.

Health & Safety

  • Regular Health and Safety visits to sites and branches to ensure colleague safety,

  • Removal of arbitrary attendance targets when your attendance falls short of expectations.


  • Temp-to-perm agreement upon agency staff reaching certain tenure

  • Abusive customer actions - allowing colleagues to exercise control of abusive calls.

Outside of Lloyds Banking Group

Unite are involved in a lot of political activity. This does not mean just contributing to certain parties (which is only done if you tick 'yes' on the box at sign-up).


We are also involved in political campaigns that are bigger than party politics. Campaigns such as proper implementation of Universal Credit, access to cash, stopping fire and rehire, feeding children, and equality.

We fight to save the NHS from privatisation, to stop injustice of any form, and to properly reward employees instead of pushing money up the chain.

More about us

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