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The 2022 pay round and 2023 pay survey have unearthed the extent of discontent within LBG towards the current approaches to pay and reward, discontent which was also evident in the banks own colleague engagement survey.

Your Unite team know that these are very real and pressing issues for colleagues and we will be pursing these wider structural issues on a long-term basis as part of our wider pay campaign. The 2023 pay round, given the economic pressures colleagues are and will be facing, requires us to focus on getting more pounds into the pockets of LBG workers, this is our primary focus, so that everyone can weather the economic storms ahead and get through this cost-of-living crisis.

Rest assured, the above will be addressed, our pay campaign for wide scale change to pay and reward is only getting started and if you want to see change then you need to get involved, you need to join Unite the Union.


The key fundamental concerns that Unite have identified and are hearing from members focus on the following:

  •  The difficulty higher grades face getting to the market rate, some citing as many as 10 years

  • Lack of parity with competitors 

  • Not actually being paid the market rate for the role

  • 4 day working week with no loss of pay

  • Final salary pension

  • Lack of market movement as a way to artificially push people into the market range

  • The unfair distribution of GPS, favouring higher percentages for higher grades

  • Job evaluation concerns

  • A & B review

  • Closing the pay gap for women and BAME workers

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