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Tell us your thoughts

Your Unite team attend regular engagement sessions with senior network leaders to discuss matters of interest for LBG workers based in the branch network. To ensure these sessions are truly reflective of the issues/concerns being felt by members we have decided to issues a bi monthly survey to all network based members to help the team gauge what’s on the minds of workers and ensure we are raising your points of interest. 

Please complete the below survey and please be reassured that all responses will be treated anonymously when raising them with the business. 

1. Which brand do you work for?

Common themes/topics - Physical environment and working conditions, staffing levels, breaks, training and development time, customer abuse, working patterns, BME model etc. This list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to put any workplace issues that you would to be raised. If the issue is more personal then please contact the team direct via

4. Are you interested in becoming a Unite workplace representative for your branch/pool?
5. Would you like to receive a Unite materials bundle to update your branch noticeboard?

If you have any fellow branch colleagues who are not a member of one of the recognised trade unions then please feel free to pass this survey on so they can share their views and have a say.

Thanks for submitting!

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