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Grade B colleagues in the branch network should have received their outcomes from the exercise in January regarding the future of the branch network. 

It won’t be much of a surprise that the 250 voluntary redundancy spaces have been filled, and those who applied for VR have been selected based on location, key skills and existing relationships. We understand that there will be some colleagues who are disappointed that they haven’t been selected for redundancy. 

As there was no second choice on the form, those who applied for voluntary redundancy but weren’t successful, may not have had the opportunity to express interest in one of the ‘Relationship Growth’ roles. Therefore, the bank are offering the chance for any colleague who has not preferenced an interest in the Growth roles to do so now. 

Unite raised concerns with the shortened timescale for colleagues to make a decision, less than a week, but we want to signpost that you have from 6th March until the 11th March to make a decision. If for whatever reason you cannot make a decision during this period or need more time due to personal reasons then please let us know ASAP so we can engage senior leadership.

Acceptance to the role is, as it was in January, subject to being able to work from home or one of the bank’s hubs, working one of the shift patterns for the role, and against capabilities for the role. Outcomes for these should be known in the coming weeks. 

For anyone who is unsure about their outcome or whether to preference for a Growth role, please get in touch with Unite on or 0808 144 9595. 


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