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Transport Business Unite Update

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Your Unite rep team met with senior management on the 10/06/2024 to discuss Unite member concerns relating to recent changes in the Transport business.


The team raised concerns that the shift review has not been communicated well with no business updates being provided to workers which has only served to exasperated frustrations. The rep team pushed for a more streamlined approach to comms during the meeting with regular updates being cascaded to all workers in Transport given that the communication between management and workers has not worked.

Since this meeting we are pleased to see the business issued an update on the 1st July acknowledging member concerns and providing a shift update which addressed the uploading of schedules and ensuring these shifts are reflective of workers preferences - a move in the right direction! 


In particular the team raised the understandable concerns with the flexible shift pattern and why the resourcing team had placed workers on constant late finishes, which did not reflect the patterns workers preferenced for. Due to Unite raising this issue senior management are now working with the resourcing team to have this looked into further and the next round of shifts patterns will be looked at to ensure it is fair and reflective of workers preferences. If this is not the case then Unite has made management aware that we will support all members who which is lodge an individual grievance to ensure this is corrected and their voice and concerns are heard!

Concerns regarding the backfilling of vacant roles which was brought about due to recent attrition was also raised and assurances provided that options are being explored to fill these roles to address workload pressures and in turn stress. Your Unite rep team will continue to keep you updated on these issues. 

Following the changes announced in Transport we have launched a Unite Transport Business Stress survey due to the impact of the introducing of multiskilling, micro-management, shift reviews, voluntary redundancies and redundancies and we want to hear your views and feedback to get a better understanding of your experiences.

Your contribution will help to ensure that Unite can action to address any work-related stress and colleagues’ mental health.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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