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Changes to Internal Recruitment Process

LBG has announced changes to the internal recruitment process that will take effect from 2 February 2024. These changes are summarised below: -

Colleagues will be required spend a minimum of 12 months in any role before being eligible to apply for a new role internally.

Unite View - we were concerned that the mandatory and blanket nature of the change could adversely impact colleagues in terms of flexibility. LBG has confirmed that exceptions can be made, and that the requirement will not apply to colleagues who are at risk, colleagues on secondment or those on fixed term contracts. In addition, there is a discretion for the requirement to be waived by the existing line manager and the hiring people partner.

For internal moves, colleagues will be expected to adhere to revised notice periods - a maximum of three months for grade F+, six weeks for grades A-E (unless a different timeframe is agreed by both current and hiring managers).

Unite View - it has been clarified that there are no changes to contractual notice periods for those wishing to take up external appointments. We expressed concern that the internal notice periods should not be applied in a manner that would result in a colleague losing out on an opportunity where the hiring manager wishes to appoint a candidate in a shorter timeframe. LBG has confirmed it is possible for current and hiring managers to agree shorter periods.

When a colleague applies for an internal role on Workday, their current manager will receive a notification.

Unite View - we are concerned that LBG’s requirement for transparency could result in a current colleague line-managers drawing adverse inferences and assuming that colleagues may lack commitment or loyalty. Our position was that colleagues should be able to opt-out of the notification process, however, LBG has stated that it wishes to create transparency in the process, support career discussions and aid managers with operational planning.  Nevertheless, we are pleased to acknowledge that LBG has agreed to deal with any examples of poor line-manager behaviour.

Hiring managers should have a conversation with an applicant’s existing manager before an offer is made.

Unite View - concern was expressed that subjective (negative) commentary by current line-managers could negatively influence recruitment decisions. LBG has given assurances that such dialogue must be documented and confined to factual reference to performance against objectives. Again, LBG has agreed to deal with instances of poor line-manager behaviour.

Those receiving formal support as part of Back to Your Best, will not be eligible to apply for internal job vacancies.

 Unite View - we were mindful that colleagues receiving informal support should not be excluded from applying for internal vacancies and LBG has confirmed that this limitation should only apply to colleagues engaged in formal Back to Your Best conversations. Should colleagues have concerns about performance management processes, we urge them to get in touch at the earliest opportunity.

Impact and Next Steps

We encourage colleagues to carefully consider the impact of the above processes when considering an internal role application. If any colleague has any queries or concerns about the internal recruitment process, please contact your Unite Team using the contact methods below.

✆ 0808 144 9595




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