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Career Conversations In Digital Engagement

Since the new job security/career mobility policy was introduced in 2023, Unite have been advocating for all colleagues to undergo career mobility conversations. 

These take the form of honest conversations where you discuss what the future of your business area and role look like, and give a view as to whether you’re excited by this vision, would rather look at roles elsewhere in the bank, or ultimately, whether you’d take redundancy if offered. 

This has happened in parts of Consumer Relationships in the past, and will happen in July within Digital Engagement.

Unite are keen for transparency when it comes to the future of our members’ roles, so that they know in advance what decisions they need to make. 

Please be open with your manager when you have the conversations, and contact a rep using the details overleaf if you feel you have any queries. These conversations should be used to shape the future of departments and your development. 

Today also sees an announcement which means two Grade G roles will be removed from the Digital Engagement and Colleague Channels Platform structures. Unite will work closely with impacted members to ensure jobs are protected where possible. 

If you are impacted by today’s announcement and would like to talk it over with a member of the Unite team, then please contact us.


0808 144 9595


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