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We did it! Newport to Cardiff Shuttle Bus Trial!

Updated: Jun 26

Unite consistently lobby the bank to get them to step up and provide increased travel support through the use of shuttle buses for colleagues being forced to work from new locations. Through our persistent efforts and you using your collective voice the bank have agreed to trial a shuttle bus between Cardiff and Newport for 4 weeks from Monday 2nd September. The service is expected to run twice in the morning from Cardiff train station to Tredager Park and twice in the afternoon from Tredager Park to Cardiff train station.

Full details of the timings of the service are still yet to come but this marks an incredible opportunity for workers to show how much this service is needed. Whether the service will be an ongoing facility provided by the bank will be determined by the level of uptake so it is important workers make use of it if it will help make their journey easier and safer.

Your union, Unite, has your back when it comes to fighting for better pay, terms and conditions. Make sure you join today because we are stronger together!

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