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Updated: Jun 26

Unite members have spent 2022 telling LBG that they are worth a decent pay rise and could not survive 2023 on a similar pay rise to the one forced through last April. Together, we pushed Lloyds to pay out tens of millions of pounds in a cost of living payment which caused a domino effect within the finance sector and sent a message that we wanted a fair deal this time around.

Due to the pressure built by our pay campaign since May which brought about the £1,000 cost of living payment the bank presented a final offer that goes a long way to meeting our pay claim, and one which many of you are happy with. We can now announce that 78% of our members who voted in our ballot accepted the offer and therefore the deal will be implemented, starting with a £500 payment in December for grade A-D colleagues.

The campaign has been an enormous effort from all of our members and the record turnout for an LBG ballot shows the support that the membership has given this deal. You have shown what can happen when we come together and campaign for better pay and conditions.

We realise that there is still a proportion of our membership who are not happy with the deal and will be presenting your comments to the bank in line with our long term pay aims outlined in the summer.


For reps, it is spreading the word of this pay deal and exactly how it came about. You can help by passing on this newsletter amongst your colleagues. You can request paper, email or Whatsapp copies by emailing

Unite are committed to ensuring that our members in LBG have secure jobs, fair pay and good terms & conditions. We will be engaging with members on the issues raised during our pay survey in the summer and also this ballot. We welcome the many members who have joined over the last few weeks which helps embolden our position, and look forward to speaking to you soon. To those yet to sign up, don't miss your chance to have your say!

To keep up to date, follow us on social media using the handle @UniteinLBG, on Yammer by searching Unite the union, visit or scan the QR code for links.


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