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“New Chapter” But LBG Persist With Relentless Branch Closure Program

Less than a month ago, LBG’s new CEO announced the new vision for the bank, with commitments to, amongst others, “Meet the changing demands of society” and continue to “Help Britain Prosper”.

60 more branches to close

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that LBG value much needed and valued bank branches amongst society’s demands and helping businesses and customers in the UK. Up to 124 highly experienced and skilled staff could also be lost, with Unite members wondering who will be expected to pick up the work left behind by these job losses.

Unite reaction

Dean Perry, chair of the Unite National Committee within Lloyds, commented Unite were ”deeply disappointed to have to release a statement like this every few months, with 3 announcements since last June. Lloyds branch staff are part of the heart and soul of the banking industry, and there is no substitute for the confidence and assurance their in-person service can provide to LBG customers.”

”Branch staff play a key part in preventing fraud, helping the most vulnerable in society, and even preventing customers from being made homeless. They have been the front-line during the covid crisis and should not be punished by losing their jobs.”

What next?

The Unite in LBG branch closure taskforce will review each branch set for closure to ensure the business are held to account when making such an important decision. We will be speaking to community groups for their views and where there is interest to oppose a branch closure we will be by their side at every step of the way. Head to the branch closures section of our website to find out more.


LBG has said that it will invest in 11 branches expected to see increased footfall based on the closures, and that over 25% of the branches exist within 2 miles of another. They are also committed to ensuring as far as possible that any reduction in personnel in branches is done through redeployment or voluntary severance. Unite will keenly make sure that the next move for members involved is the right one for them.

To find out more about Unite's views on branch closures, or to get involved, please visit our Branch Closure page.


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