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Congratulations to Susan Ibrahim on securing the Unite in LBG National Equalities Seat!


I stood to become your NCC equalities representative because I have the drive, passion and determination to make this union of ours truly reflective of the entire LBG workforce.


My immediate priorities in role will be to implement a timeline to increase BAEM representation from 6% to 12% within the first 12 months as well as begin a wider review of all equality strands to increase members and reps from black, Asian and ethnic minority, LGBT+ and disabled members.


I will begin the ‘big conversation’ and start quarterly calls with members of all equality strands to keep healthy lines of feedback and ideas flowing. This will help build on the trust we begun to build via the Unite race action team and ensure that you, members are driving the equality agenda.


I will set my focus and energy to set up and deliver equality education to all reps so they are fully educated, empathetic and inclusive to all diversities and establish a network of allies.


I will engage with others across other networks such as the Christian, Muslim, Access & Rainbow and any other faith or groups to enable Unite to celebrate and recognise key festivals and religious events of importance to help increase awareness and remove ignorance as a whole.


I have lived experience of being part of a diverse group, this is something I pride myself with and deliver to others whenever I’m able to do so or the need is required.


Looking to the future I would like to see UNITE being the most diverse union within LBG and the finance sector and working with you, members, LBG workers, I know we can do it!

In solidarity 


Susan Ibrahim 



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