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Updated: Jun 26

Unite are pleased to report that progress is being made on providing a shuttle bus service for LBG workers travelling from Cardiff to Newport. 

Your Union, Unite have been pressing the bank to put in place as much support as possible to mitigate the impact, in the immediate future, on LBG workers travelling from Cardiff to Newport. This move is now expected to take place in Q3 2024. 

Due to our efforts the bank issued a survey to gauge worker appetite for a shuttle bus service, which has closed today and we are awaiting the outcome of this engagement survey and details of the service that will be provided. We have stressed to the bank that the shuttle bus needs to cater for all impacted workers and their various shift patterns, whilst also operating at the end of worker shifts to ensure colleagues get home safely!

Rest assured Unite is pressing the bank to ensure all impacts are addressed and we continue to raise worker issues flagged up with us via our engagement survey. You can still get in touch - 

If you did not get the chance to complete the banks shuttle bus survey then please let us know and we will feed in your views. 

LBG worker safety is a top priority for Unite and we would encourage everyone to complete our Get Me Home Safely survey so we can ensure we are fully aware of any risks or concerns you have with getting to and from work and help us campaign for better support for all LBG workers -


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