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Unite Update - Compressed hours grievance to close on the 20th June and grievance support

Updated: Jun 26

Unite attended a meeting with the bank on Friday 26th May with our union colleagues in Accord to discuss our members ongoing concerns with the banks compressed hours pilot and its blanket approach to hybrid working.

We are disappointed to note that although some assurance regarding the issue has been given solely to Accord, the bank have not given a firm public commitment to employees that no-one would be faced with enforced contractual change.

Unite are continuing to liaise with LBG to ensure that members are strongly represented in relation to their concerns around compressed hours and hybrid working.

LBG workers and Unite members, will no doubt have seen Unite challenge the Group Executive Committee at its recent AGM in Glasgow WATCH HERE where we unashamedly spoke up for thousands of LBG workers and called on the bank to drop its pilot on compressed hours. We recognise that this is not what the bank wanted to hear but we feel compelled to remind LBG that we have an obligation to represent the views and interests of our members. The points were put in a constructive manner and are typical of the concerns we continue to hear.

To make sure that the views of members and colleagues are put forward in an impactful way, we strongly urge you to sign our collective grievance - SIGN TODAY


In terms of next steps, OUR collective grievance on the compressed hours pilot will close and be submitted on the 20th June at midday. If you haven’t already done so then now is the time to add your name alongside the thousands that have already signed - SIGN TODAY

Ahead of our collective grievance hearing we call on the bank to issue a message to all LBG workers who have been impacted, concerned or are worried about what is to come on flexible working - stating in no uncertain terms that it will not enforce changes to any LBG workers’ compressed hours, and that they can keep their flexible working arrangements should they choose to. This move will immediately de-escalate the current concerns and provide much needed certainty for all LBG workers.

Bank’s formal stance on compressed & hybrid grievances

Unite is currently supporting members who have chosen to submit individual grievances based on their personal circumstances to combat this attack on their compressed hours and or their hybrid working arrangements.

The bank have informed Unite that it will listen to one individual grievance per LBG worker on both issues. As such we will be supporting any member who wishes to pursue their own individual grievance based on their personal circumstances - this is your right and if you wish to do this then please let us know before the 20th June. If you choose to submit an individual grievance then you will be removed from the collective grievance and will be provided with Unite support and guidance.

The position from Unite legal is as follows. Anyone impacted by the compressed hours pilot or hybrid working who wishes to pursue a grievance on their individual circumstances can do so but would need to be removed from the collective grievance, due to the banks position.

Those who have signed the collective grievance in solidarity and are not impacted (at this time) can still choose to leave their name on the grievance and reserve the right to submit an individual grievance should at a later date they become impacted.


Forward this email to a fellow LBG worker today. If they are not yet a member of Unite the Union then they can sign up via -

In solidarity

Your Unite Team


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