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Hybrid Working FAQs

We have put together some frequently asked questions on hybrid working. If your question is not here please contact us and we can update these FAQs.

Q: What is Unite’s position on hybrid / 40% in the office?

A: Everyone’s circumstances are different. Some people will just not be able to do the requirement for a whole number of reasons; location, caring, travel, and more. We will support anyone who cannot commit to more time in the office but understand that the bank want people back in the office on a regular basis to meet up with their team. Unite’s position is that time in the office should be purposeful. Anyone who is concerned about their ability to meet the requirement should contact your nearest rep and discuss with them.

Q: I’m going to struggle to meet the requirements, what do I do?

Q: Is my place of work a contractual term?

Q: Could homeworking become an implied contractual term?

Q: Can I say no to coming into the office 40% of the time?

Q: Should there be a reason for me to come into the office?

Q: What if I’ve approached my line manager and they can’t/won’t help me?

Q: Will there be a collective grievance on the issue, such as the one on compressed hours?

Q: I work in a customer care archetype, I’ve been told I’m exempt – is this true?

Q: Can I just use a branch to work out of?

Q: How do I log a grievance via HR Online?


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