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Flexibility Works Updates - Unite comms
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LBG has announced today, that following the introduction of Flexibility Works last year

that it is making some changes to the offering. The new and very welcome additions

are in relation to Job Sharing and Late-Stage Careers. These are summarised below:

Job Sharing for All

LBG has confirmed that from 29 January, all advertised roles will be available on a job-sharing basis and that a new job share matching tool will be accessible to help colleagues find a job-share partner, based on a range of criteria designed to identify a suitable match.

Flexible Late-Stage Careers

Additional support will be provided for colleagues in the later stages of their LBG careers. This will include the availability of clearer guidance around transition and planning for the latter stages of their career journey. This will include options for phased retirement or even encouraging colleagues to think about trying something new, such as an apprenticeship.

Unite View and Next Steps

Although Unite remains concerned about some aspects of Flexibility Works, we engaged in

very positive consultation with LBG on the current changes, and we welcome the introduction

of the additional flexibility that will be afforded to colleagues. Unite has campaigned in favour

of job-sharing for some time and believes that the extended availability of such arrangements

is a big win for LBG colleagues.

We encourage colleagues to take up the additional flexibility options as appropriate to their

own individual and personal circumstances. However, if any colleague has any queries or

concerns about Job Sharing for All, Flexible Late-Stage Careers, or any other aspect of

Flexibility Works, please get in touch with your Unite Team using the contact methods below.



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