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Edinburgh Workplace Changes

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LBG has today announced the temporary closure of the Port Hamilton, Edinburgh office which will take place in Q3 2024. LBG workers working in the Port Hamilton office will utilise Citymark, New Uberior and Princes Exchange. The refurbishment of Port Hamilton is due to be completed in 2027 and along with The Mound will be the only two LBG offices to remain open in Edinburgh.

We acknowledge that Edinburgh has good transport links which will hopefully ensure there is little impact to worker commutes on the back of the interim and end state changes in Group locations in Edinburgh and also note the c.300 car park spaces that will be available in 2027 following the refurbishment of Port Hamilton. 

Your Unite team pressed during consultation talks with the bank that they must do everything possible to mitigate any adverse impact to LBG workers on the back of any change in Group locations. We pushed for the bank to arrange for discounted car parking to support workers who will be impacted by the closure of the workplaces in the Gyle and city centre in 2027. Whilst we support sustainable initiatives in both premises and in colleague offers/routines, this should never be at LBG worker expense and in addition to discounted car parking we pushed for all additional costs to be covered by the bank in light of this move and the potential disruption it will cause workers. Unite are currently lobbying the bank for the below treatment to be implemented for all current and future site changes/closures.

We are asking LBG workers to get in touch to outline the personal inconvenience this change will cause them. Please complete the survey below so we can project your voice to LBG leadership and together we can fight for more support - Please also provide your views on the current travel and mobility policy, details outlined on the back of this newsletter and the Unite Get Me Home Safely campaign, link and QR code below. The bank have arranged for travel consultants to be available to assist LBG workers with identifying cost and time effective ways to get to the interim and end state Edinburgh work locations. 

Unite T&M & Property Change Asks

  • All additional travel costs incurred by colleagues to be covered by LBG

  • Shuttle bus to be provided to mitigate colleague travel costs

  • Discounted parking 

  • Travel costs to be covered in perpetuity  for all impacted LBG workers


LBG workers will have seen or will have been impacted by the Group’s change agenda in 2023. The most significant being the changes to Platforms and the requirement for roles to be based from ‘strategic location’. Inevitably placing a greater burden on  workers to get to these locations, whether that be in travel time or cost.

During the consultation on the changes to Platforms, we secured a commitment from the Group to discuss the existing T&M policy, so that our concerns about the asks being placed on workers can be taken into account and ensure the policy is adequate in light of continue business change.

The travel and mobility policy is in place to address changes in the normal work location for LBG workers. The key principles of Travel Allowance within the policy are outlined below and the full policy can be found on Life@LBG, A-Z and Travel & Mobility Policy. Key aspects of the policy:

  • Travel Cost Allowances payable where a LBG worker incurs additional travel costs as a result of moving work/office location at the request of LBG and the required journey increases by at least 30 mins or ten miles each way

  • Travel Cost Allowance is payable for a max of 12 months from the date of original transfer, or for the duration of the temporary transfer in work location (whichever is lower)

  • Payment is on the basis of the actual additional out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the worker in travelling to the new work location

Help us shape the debate on policy change!

Ahead of these talks with the Group, we want to hear from YOU on the current travel and mobility policy. We want to know what you think should be changed/removed to make it fit for purpose and provide the necessary support to help YOU and fellow LBG workers when facing business led change. Change is a team sport, get involved and let us know your views, thoughts and ideas.  Help us shape the debate on policy change!


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