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The collectivism of the Unite pay campaign throughout 2022 brought about the much needed £1000 cost of living payment, which has provided much needed breathing space for a lot of LBG workers and is testament to the hard work of all Unite members and LBG workers who stood up and took action.

However, this year we don’t want to have to mobilise and build the necessary leverage in order to shame LBG to do right by its hard-working staff. That is why we have included a re-open commitment into our pay claim this year, which will seek a solid and unequivocal commitment that pay talks will re-open, based on the economic deteriorations as outlined above, to ensure additional and suitable support is put in place in a timely fashion, to ensure LBG workers can survive these unprecedented cost of living pressures. Which have to date been unpredictable and extremely volatile.


Charlie Nunn recently stated to the entire bargaining unit:
Like our customers, we know our colleagues are also facing an increase in their cost of living. That’s why we announced a one-off additional payment to support our colleagues and we will continue to listen and consider what else we can do in response to the rising cost of living.”

Unite seeks for this expression of concern, and thus consideration, to be met with a firm unequivocal commitment to take action and re-open pay talks if necessary, and for this to be clear in the 2023 pay settlement.

In the absence of such a commitment and the buy in of LBG in good faith, Unite will have no other recourse but to redouble our campaigning efforts as seen throughout 2022 to do right by colleagues and ensure they can live and not simply exist - for which we hope, you, LBG worker, will be with us!

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